Foster families provide temporary care to Yappy Tails foster dogs in their home. Fostering a rescue dog is a life changing experience for the animals and a rewarding one for the humans!

Foster homes for our dogs are a critical part of our program at Yappy Tails. In lieu of a specialized facility, we rely on foster families to give dogs a home before they get adopted. Our foster volunteers help us manage our boarding costs while providing a better environment for our dogs to rehabilitate.

Newman sticking his tongue out for his foster parent's attention.

In addition to being a fun and rewarding experience, you also get the satisfaction of helping an animal in need while preparing them for adoption. You also receive the benefit of a wonderful companion without the long-term commitment.

Our foster network allows us to provide specialized care to more animals in need. This also opens up more space at our partnered shelters to take in more homeless animals.

If you are interested in fostering, please read through the information below to determine if the Yappy Tails foster program is a good fit for you and your household. All supplies are provided.  

How can I become a foster home? 

Complete a foster application. Filling out an application does not obligate you to foster.  Our team will review your completed application and get in touch with you if you are a good fit for our program!

Do I need to provide anything?

Yappy Tails provides all supplies, including the food, treats and crate to the fosters for their foster dog. Foster parents provide a loving home, basic training, exercise, and socialization for the animal.

How long are dogs in a foster home? 

This varies greatly, depending on the individual dog. The duration can range from a couple of weeks to several months, with an average stay of two to three weeks.

We ask that foster parents commit to fostering a dog until the dog is adopted. It is extremely stressful for a dog to be moved around once they are in a foster home. We also ask that foster parents only request a transfer when necessary, such as an unexpected family emergency, significant changes in schedules, or unforeseen difficulties in addressing a dog’s specific needs.

Dack sleeping at his foster home, waiting to be adopted.

How are rescue dogs promoted? 

Photos and stories of all adoptable rescue dogs in foster homes are posted on our site, social media channels, on, on, and many other websites.

Foster parents can also help promote their foster dog to their family, friends, colleagues, and the public through their own social media channels and even just by walking the foster dog in local neighborhoods with an “Adopt Me” bandana provided by Yappy Tails.

What if I have vacation or travel plans while I am fostering? 

We will find another foster to care for your dog while you are away.

I live in a condo, townhome, or apartment, can I foster? 

Yes, you can still foster an animal living in a small environment. Many of our animals need one-on-one socialization, so a small space can be beneficial. Of course, you still need landlord approval and must abide by any restrictions.

What if I have children? 

Fostering is a wonderful family experience and can build a foundation of love for animals in your children. It is important to select a dog that is age-appropriate for our child. Anyone under 16 years old should not be left alone or unsupervised with a foster dog.

A child petting a foster dog next to a Christmas tree during the holidays.

Can I foster without a yard or fence? 

Yes! A fenced yard is ideal for easy potty breaks or for a game of fetch, but is not a requirement. Moreover, foster families should not leave dogs unattended in a yard. 

If I have my own animals, can I still provide foster care? 

Yes! It is important to understand how to properly manage multiple pets during the introduction period. Yappy Tails has volunteer trainers who will answer any questions and help you manage through any introduction behavior issues.

What if my foster pet becomes sick? 

Yappy Tails will cover all veterinary costs to take care of our dogs. All veterinary care requires prior approval from the foster coordinator. If your foster pup is ill, please contact your assigned coordinator ASAP.

What if I am unable to foster any longer? 

We prefer that foster parents continue to foster until we find a permanent home for their foster. Dogs become extremely stressed if they moved around often or return to a boarding environment. However, we understand that situations change, and it may become necessary to discontinue fostering an animal.

We request that a foster parent provides as much notice as possible. If it is an emergency, we ask that you call the foster coordinator as soon as possible.

Interested?  Apply today and together we can save lives!